Jumat, 09 April 2010

sneak out

these day so bored, still doing last school examinations.
i want yo sneak out from school days and going to traveling around the world..
i want go to korea, some body please feed me up witH MONEY :)

purple tights / jeans hotpants / stripped t-shirt / necklace from kanthil bloemen

i need money to go to korea see my boyfriend was hanging on the tree. 2PM = wild bunnies

Rabu, 07 April 2010

two faces

i dont know what to do
so i start to make a small photo shoot, with theme: two faces

you asked me why??? yeah these day im being two faces with someone.
i call her : ¨head-ass¨

i want to be a fashion blogger, here i started

unbranded leather jacket / flower dress from my mommy / leather heels

wild bunnies :)

another day i spent with my classmates.
when we took a jump photo shoot itś look so chaos :)

rizma / prima / rendy / ajenk / noe / yenny / elisa / me / wahyu


we go to three places for photoshooting and palying around with each other.
may be this is the last time can travelling together before we are graduated from high school.
itś just counting the day.

Sabtu, 03 April 2010

last painting :(

oh well, this is my painting for the last school examinations.
oh good this such a painful things. i'm not good @ painting !! TT

i'm a very bad bad bad painter ?

what will be the result ?