Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

hello high schooler

yeah, since i've already garduated

i miss my high school moment, the day when i'm together with my friends, talk about everythings. school just for meeting with friends. cheating when exams, laugh together. feel the loveliness

haaa~~ i can't really forget my high school moment cause high school never ends :)

beachess :)

yeah, hangout with my beloved friends from junior highschool.

we can't meet so often because of our activity. so on this holiday, we choose to go to beach. yeah go to kuta beach and take some picture. we should play a game try to find me... haha

Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

i'm risking my life

don't hurt anymore, don't cry anymore
i'm going to watch over you, we'll be together forever
believe in love, don't be scared anymore
i'm standing in front of you like this, telling you i will make you happy
i'm risking my life, i'm risking my life
in order to love you i'm risking even my life
do you know my heart, the heart that keeps wanting to see you
in order to love, i'm risking my life
you're not alone now, you're together with me
when you're tired of life and when it gets hard, i will comfort you
believe in love, watch over me now
i'm standing in front of you like this, telling you i will make you happy
nothing can tear us apart, however you see it, it's our destiny
in order to love you, i'm risking it all

2PM - i'm risking my life

drama oh drama

yeah, i just found these old, but not very old picts. it taken when my class have to show a drama for indonesian language (?) practical exam. yeah, that was the last time we can do drama on high school ! :)

me w/ my fashionable friends: rizma

yay, i didnt have to wear costum, i just a behind stage person. im a narrator !

ratna loves LM !

who don't know LEIGHTON MEESTER? hah, you should hospitalized dude!
these day i love the way she dressing, simple, chic and sexy

daily dressing

her smile so so.. /nosebleed

but graduation not a farewell :)

yeah, on 3rd may 2010 at bali beach hotel, my school held a graduation ceremony.
the dress code is : formal traditional dressing (?) --> don't know exactly
all my friends looked so so sooooo AWESOME ---> handsome and beautiful on that day !
and it's meant that i got make up on my face FOR THE FIRST TIME !

hipnotice member

we aren't really really far apart. our loves will never ending story