Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

let's 'hipnotice' the world :)

time to say good bye :( this new year new life new school is waiting for...
we'll be a success someday :)

someone said to me :
when your friend go, they need you to say "good bye, god bless you, you'll be a success person when you comeback "
and when they get back from their journey, they want you to say: "hey, i really really miss you, cause i love you"

"okay, we'll be success. future in our hand and we'll sit and laugh together someday "

Minggu, 25 Juli 2010

boiling point

i just declaim my self as the most patient
since now im at a boiling point (bluuupp bluuupp) did you hear the boiling sound??

i dunno why
i just felt so sick because they make me sad often but all i know is just be patient
even sometimes they ignore me for somethin' that make me say : whoot? what the hell i do? isn it ? or what ever..
i hate to say this but... i dun like the people who so childish an declaimed another person childish or so sensitive act so hurt-ed enough...

and i really those jerk i hate a friend who rejected my friends and called him with nonsense word..
so annoying :((

Senin, 19 Juli 2010

long time :)

hi all ..
it's long time since im not being able to posting in this blog..
hhaaa~~ i miss blogging
but since i was so so busy for new being a new student in college (yaaay, no uniform)
haaa~~ actually i haven't ready yet to enter that university. :((
i hope next year i'll be able too enter "what i want" university
keep retrying.. next year will be the last chance fighting

okay, next day i'll revealed my college socialization thingy..
hha~~ bye all