Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

Adele :)

who dont know bout her? Adele... who known by her deep amazingly voice!
ok, i didnt follow her carrier in music until she released her album with single "someone like you"
wow, i love her voice!!! :)

and until i wathced reality show called "Big Brother Indonesia"
there a contestant named "Rene" and she loves Adele too.
and she like adele song - Chasing Pavements. i was interest on it and tried to youtube-ing and find the music video. woooow, i love this song!! Gooo Gooo ADELE.
but, i've read the bad comment from arrogant person said that " i didnt know she was that fat. guess thats why you ususally can only see her head lol"
ugh, what the hell this world. even she's fat. but she can sing. instead of the people who skinny tried to sing but totally fail!!

check her live perfomance too

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