Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011


from the day when i was childhood, no no... mmmm, when i was on elementary school. it was still include on childhood memories, right? i have a dream that someday, i will go to England-Britain-Irish- yeah what people call it then.

i almost forget that dream , cause my high-school life full Korean pop (i love boyband-girlband), which is so eye-candies, charming, and when we watch them, we just like "oh my god! cute! kyaaakyaaakyaaa~" until one of my sister asked me, "what country do you want to visit the most?" i answered "how about Korea?" she crinkled her nose and said "oh really?" and i continued to think, "aahhh~ England!! England!! Britain!!" And she just smile-wide and "whoa, good. you must blablabla (*its private*)"

Now, i do really think how to make it come true. yeah now im 19th years old.
and i used to think how to live my dream. may be like get a job in london, live happily ever-after there with my family, and getting married with niall horan from one direction. yak, forget the last one.

mmm~ seriously hard to think how to get there someday.. :'( wish me luck!

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